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LiDAR Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles

We are witnessing a huge growth in the development of autonomous vehicles and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an integral sensor to enable autonomy. LiDAR provides the crucial real time perception data allowing autonomous vehicles to operate reliably and safely at speed.

Whether providing a full 360° 3D view through the Velodyne LiDAR product range or 2D solid state, mid to short range LiDAR through LeddarTech, Mapix technologies have a suitable solution for you.

Main applications

  • Self driving cars/ robotaxis
  • Autonomous shuttles/ buses
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Autonomous farm machinery

Case studies


StreetDrone eNV200 platform
StreetDrone are using the Velodyne Puck on their StreetDrone Twizy and Velodyne Ultra Puck on their eNV200 platform for  autonomous driving in urban environments. See more here

Edinburgh University Formula Student

Winners for the second year running, students supported by sponsorship and mentoring from Mapix technologies race their autonomous car around Silverstone. See more here

Grampian Transport Museum

Mapix technologies created an interactive display using a LeddarTech LiDAR sensor to illustrate how an autonomous car makes decisions when faced with an approaching pedestrian. See more here

Suitable products

Velodyne Puck (VLP-16)
Velodyne Puck 32MR (VLP-32MR)
Velodyne Puck (VLP-32)
Alpha Prime (VLS-128)
LeddarTech M16-Laser
LeddarTech M16-LED

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