Alpha Prime (VLS-128)

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High resolution and optimal long-range LiDAR sensor for the autonomous vehicle market. Unmatched for perception, Field of View and range for autonomous cars, trucks, and robotics. Improve vehicle safety by detecting other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists with 360 degree surround view and 40 degree Vertical Field of View.

  • Excellent performance in different lighting conditions including retro-reflectors and sunlight
  • Detection of dark and low reflectance objects at far distances
  • Detection of potholes and road cracks
  • No need for active cooling with improved efficiency allowing longer vehicle operating times
  • Improved sensor-to sensor interference mitigation

Velodyne LiDAR scanners are CE marked to provide assurance that they meet required European legislation.

Technical specification

  • 128 lasers (channels)
  • Field of View: 360° Horizontal
  • Field of View: 40° (+15° to -25°) Vertical
  • Range: Up to 245m
  • Minimum Angular Resolution: 0.11°
  • Up to ~4.8 million points per second
  • Environmental Protection: IP67
  • Eye safe Class 1 903 nm wavelength

Price indication £££

(Relative to range of scanners available from Mapix technologies)

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The Alpha Prime in action

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