5 reasons to choose Mapix technologies

We know our customers value our knowledge, our responsiveness and our reliability. We also know you are busy enough working on your business and your projects. This is why we work hard to make your purchase and maintenance of Velodyne and LeddarTech LiDAR sensors simple and stress free. Our customers are refreshed by our approach.

Here are 5 key reasons to chose to work with us:

1. You are working with LiDAR experts

First of all consider our experience – we were an early adopter and have been working with LiDAR since 2008 – there are scant others who can offer such a legacy. Established in 1996, Mapix technologies is a geospatial engineering company with experience in mapping, surveying, GNSS / INS, LiDAR, software development, dynamic data capture and data management. We draw on this wealth of knowledge to provide advice to our customers.

We are a system integrator ourselves and in 2014 we launched the Routescene UAV LiDAR system. Our product range includes UAV systems, mobile mapping system, data processing software and Ground Control Targets.

We understand the complexities of integrating LiDAR into sophisticated systems and can apply this specialist know-how to your advantage.

2. Dedicated support for you

We provide responsive customer support ensuring orders and maintenance are dealt with quickly and efficiently, with regular updates on progress.

Through our years of business experience we have developed a seamless sales, ordering and fulfilment system – we keep it simple so it is easy for you to do business with us.

We are keen to develop long term business relationships and will actively manage your account throughout the year; we communicate regularly on product, firmware, software and pricing updates.

If your scanner requires attention or repair we are your first contact point. Often we are able to solve your problem for you; if required we handle the repair process dealing directly with the manufacturer on your behalf. You simply deal with us and we do the rest.

3. Quality Control

Quality control and reliability is important to us. To ensure your LiDAR sensor reaches you in perfect condition we check and test every LiDAR unit before release to our customers. Quality control is applied to our processes too – from working with you on procurement processes to responsive customer service delivery.

4. Import and export experience

We operate internationally and have years of import and export experience to ensure the smooth transit of goods across borders. We deal with HM Customs regularly and take the hassle and distraction away from you.

5. Responsive technical support

Our specialist technical team is available to assist with any teething problems you may encounter when you first receive your sensor. If you experience technical issues further into the life of the scanner we’re here to help with that too.

Knowledgeable, responsive and reliable


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