Close up of Velodyne VLP-32C and point cloud of street in Edinburgh with 4 people.

Velodyne Ultra Puck (VLP-32C)

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3D LiDAR sensor developed for automotive industry

Developed with automotive applications in mind to ensure reliability while delivering the performance demanded by the market, Velodyne’s ULTRA Puck™ (VLP-32C) is the newest long-range 3D LiDAR sensor in its’ product portfolio that combines best-in-class performance with a small form factor. The VLP-32C retains the innovative breakthroughs in 3D LiDAR such as 360° surround view along with real-time 3D data that includes distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements along with rotational angles.

Recommended applications

Autonomous automotive

Further improving performance and range for those seeking the best data for Level 2 through Level 5 self-driving programmes, the Ultra Puck (VLP-32C) is cost-effective when compared to similar performance sensors.

Provides data to improve the cost, convenience and safety of motor vehicles and the key sensor for self-driving cars.

Technical specification

  • 32 channels
  • Dual returns
  • Range: Up to 200m
  • Up to ~1.2 million points per second
  • Field of View: +15° to -25° Vertical
  • Field of View: 360° Horizontal
  • Low power consumption
  • Protective design

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The Velodyne family of LiDAR Scanners are all CE marked to provide assurance that they meet all required European legislation.

Download the VLP-32C Datasheet

Ultra Puck (VLP-32C) in action

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