Close up of Velodyne HDL-32E and point cloud displaying data from the LiDAR scanner.

Velodyne HDL-32

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Proven 3D LiDAR sensor that delivers unsurpassed resolution

Proven and reliable, boasting the best mean time before failure statistics, the HDL-32 LiDAR scanner delivers unsurpassed resolution.

The HDL-32 features 32 lasers across a 40° vertical field of view. With this unprecedented field of view and point density, its’ innovative multi-channel array enables navigation and mapping systems to observe more of their environment than any other LiDAR sensor.

The HDL-32 LiDAR sensor is small, lightweight and ruggedly built to provide high definition 3-dimensional information about the surrounding environment. Designed to exceed the demands of the most challenging real-world autonomous navigation, 3D mobile mapping and other LiDAR applications.

Velodyne LiDAR scanners are CE marked to provide assurance that they meet required European legislation.

Technical specification

  • Two discrete returns (strongest and last return) and useable in either single or dual return mode
  • 32 lasers (channels)
  • Field of View: 360° Vertical and 41° Horizontal
  • Up to 1.4 million 3D points per second
  • Range accuracy: <20mm
  • Class I eye safe
  • Infra-red 905nm wavelength
  • Time of flight distance measurement with intensity / Calibrated Reflectivities
  • 5-20 Hz user selectable frame rate
  • Range: Maximum up to 100m, recommended 80m
  • Angular separation between lasers: 1.33°
  • Environmental Protection: IP67
  • Dimensions: 144mm by 85mm
  • Weight: 1.0kg (plus 0.3kg for cabling)

Recommended applications

Survey and mapping

LiDAR adoption began in the survey and mapping industry, to enable and revolutionise 3D mobile mapping. Increasingly, the use of LiDAR in surveying is enabling large scale projects to be completed with high accuracy, significant cost savings and at improved efficiencies.

The HDL-32E is a stalwart product in the surveying world. The specifications of the HDL-32 lends it perfectly for reliable survey-grade data acquisition via vehicle and UAV mobile mapping.

Autonomous industrial vehicles

Using LiDAR to autonomate industrial vehicles is the next frontier in innovation to help improve supply chain efficiency.

The Velodyne HDL-32 / VLP-16 has been used to displace wall-mounted reflectors or in-floor guidance systems. Implementing Velodyne LiDAR sensors reduces sensor count, simplifies design, reduces commissioning time and lowers labour costs.

Download the Forklift AGV Application brief.

Autonomous automotive

Used worldwide by numerous autonomous automotive manufacturers, the HDL-32 exceeds the demands of the most challenging real-world autonomous navigation.

Port automation

For ship profiling bulk measurements, material handling and logistics

Velodyne HDL-32 and VLP-16 3D LiDAR sensors provide wide area coverage and may be utilised to automate ports to load and unload containers from ships to trucks. Three-dimensional LiDAR sensors are changing automation’s best practices in bulk material ship transfers by offering a complete spatial view; this provides better, faster measurement data which is easier to model in a more productive way.

Download the Port Automation Ship Profiling Application brief.
Download the Port Automation Application (Material Handling) brief.

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