New Leddar Pixell LiDAR sensor

Posted on July 2, 2020 in ,

Mapix team training session

Testing and training is an important part of preparation for launching new LiDAR sensors at Mapix technologies. So, as we took delivery of the latest sensor from LeddarTech – the Pixell – the team met up to become familiar with this new exciting product. However, due to Coronavirus we met outside our HQ office in Edinburgh in the sunshine. Keeping socially distanced of course.

Team training session at Mapix Technologies HQ in Edinburgh

The new Pixell uses 3D flash LiDAR and has a wide 180° Field of View. This makes this sensor ideal for situations requiring complete coverage without any blind spots. Perfect, for example, for ADAS and autonomous driving applications. It is able to pick up pedestrians up to a range of 32m. In our test we were slightly closer and on the video below you can see us moving about, we are represented as blocks on the screen within the red rectangle.

As the Leddar Pixell displays it’s data within 3 dimensional segments rather than a dense point cloud it is able to identify object position, velocity and directionality, without creating massive amounts of unnecessary data for a vehicle’s CPU.

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