LeddarSight LiDAR sensor

Leddar Sight

Weatherproof LiDAR sensor

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Leddar Sight LiDAR sensor

The Leddar Sight is based on the Leddar M16 2D Flash LiDAR sensor with the addition of a weatherproof and dust-resistant casing (IP67/ IP69 rated). Tested to withstand shock and vibration, the casing allows the Leddar Sight to meet the most demanding environments for commercial and industrial applications. Combining 16 independent active detection elements with a robust and reliable solid-state LiDAR the Leddar Sight is a durable sensor with a high Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF).

The Leddar Sight is a robust LiDAR sensor at a more affordable price point than mechanical LiDAR sensors.

Leddar Sight LiDAR sensor

The Leddar Sight is CE marked to provide assurance that it meets required European legislation.

Technical specification

  • 100% solid-state design for durability
  • IP67/IP69 dust ingress, water immersion and pressurised water systems tested
  • High Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF): Up to 400,000 hours
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40ºC to 65ºC
  • Various beam options for optimised Field of View (FoV)
  • Range: Up to 165m
  • Anti-corrosion design
  • Low power consumption (4W)
  • Rapid data acquisition time (up to 100Hz)
  • Class 1 eye safe laser 905nm
  • Unaffected by night and day light conditions
  • Dimensions: 92mm x 112mm x 91mm
  • Weight: 182 – 255g

Starter kit includes: Cable, power supply and USB cable

Recommended applications

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(Relative to range of scanners available from Mapix technologies)

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Leddar Sight specification sheet 

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