New innovations with Velodyne Puck and Ultra Puck

Posted on October 11, 2019 in

Improvements to Velodyne LiDAR scanners

The Puck (VLP-16) and Ultra Puck (VLP-32 inc 32MR) have had an upgrade. Therefore raising the bar yet again, Velodyne LiDAR have announced a number of enhancements. These enable users to receive high-quality performance at a cost-effective price point. In fact, Velodyne is so confident in the quality and reliability of the upgraded products that they are giving the option of extended 1 or 2-year warranty.

The Velodyne family of LiDAR Scanners are all CE marked to provide assurance that they meet all required European legislation.

Product Improvements

  • Enhanced water resistance due to improved seals.
  • Ring lens endurance improvement. The new ring lens has more than 10 times better UV exposure performance than the old lens. It also performs better in salt spray corrosion testing, meaning better performance even on gritted winter roads.
  • New ring lens scratch prevention. The addition of a protective clear polyethylene film on the ring lens during shipment to prevent scratches.

Additional improvements to the Puck

Close up of Velodyne VLP-16 LITE and point cloud displaying data from the LiDAR scanner.

The current Puck has seen a number of improvements. These include interference minimisation which mitigates the crosstalk effect between two or more sensors. With an improved Mean Time To Failure of over 10,000 hours, the Puck is the reliable entry-level sensor. Ideal for price-sensitive applications where a shorter range and high performance is required. Talk to us today to find out more about all the Puck improvements and costs.

Additional improvements to the Ultra Puck

Close up of Velodyne VLP-32C and point cloud of street in Edinburgh with 4 people.

The Ultra Puck comprises automotive grade components. Improvements includes interference minimisation, it has enhanced range to 200 metres. In addition improved range accuracy which enables enhanced precision. The latest version (released May 2019) has electronic Field of View baffling. Therefore minimising firing and near-field artefact reduction for highly reflective targets. The Ultra Puck is the sensor of choice for commercial applications where long-range, high resolution and high reliability are important. These improvements also include the new Ultra Puck 32MR. Talk to us today to find out more about the Ultra Puck improvements and prices.

Mapix technologies – exclusive authorised distributor

Mapix technologies are the exclusive authorised distributor of Velodyne LiDAR scanners in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

As the official distributor we have processes and systems in place with HMRC. This prevents items becoming stuck in customs for deliveries and repairs. Don’t cause unnecessary delays with your R&D and productivity. Talk to us today to find out more about Velodyne products.

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