The LeddarOne, a single-element LiDAR sensor, provides reliable presence detection, accurate distance and level measurements. For these reasons it is popular for level sensing, proximity measurement, height warning and optical range finding applications and is used in security and surveillance, intelligent transportation systems and vehicle detection and drone altimetry.

LeddarOne offers proven reliability, even in harsh conditions; is immune to ambient light; has no moving parts providing robustness; and is easy to integrate. The narrow LED illumination beam offers excellent overall range and performance, the sensor integrates patented Leddar digital signal processing technology to provide reliable performance at ranges up to 40m.

Examples of LeddarOne applications are level sensing and level measurements such as height of milk in tanks or detecting levels of flood water to send an alert from the rise in water.

This low cost sensor’s compact size, low power consumption and high accuracy gives developers and integrators great flexibility to enhance their own branded products and applications.

The LeddarOne is CE marked to provide assurance that it meets all required European legislation.

Technical specification

  • Field of View: 3°
  • Range: 0 to 15m on natural targets (up to 40m on reflective targets)
  • Rapid data acquisition rate: up to 140Hz
  • Operating temperature: -45 to +85 °C
  • Eye safe infra-red LED source
  • Power consumption: Low at 1.3W
  • Dimensions: Compact 51mm diameter
  • Weight: Lightweight at 14g
  • Includes dedicated configuration software, Leddar Configurator, and a development kit, Leddar Enabler SDK, for easy integration

Adapter and Accessories can be ordered separately – Ask us about Starter kits and Accessories

Recommended Applications

  • UAV/ drone altimetry
  • Security and surveillance
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Vehicle detection

Price indication £

(Relative to range of scanners available from Mapix technologies)

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