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Leddar Vu8

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Leddar Vu8 LiDAR sensor

The Leddar Vu8 is a compact, cost effective and versatile solid state LiDAR sensor for detection and ranging. Small and robust, the Vu8 detects and tracks multiple objects simultaneously in eight distinct segments within the sensor’s Field of View (FoV). Detecting objects up to 215m, the Vu8 uses a single fixed light source, which significantly increases it’s robustness and cost-efficiency compared to other LiDAR sensors. The Leddar Vu8 is available in 3 different configurations – Narrow, Medium and Wide Field of View.

Leddar Vu8 Lidar Scanner

The Leddar Vu8 is CE marked to provide assurance that it meets required European legislation.

Technical specification

  • Range: Up to 185m
  • Rapid refresh rate 100Hz
  • Wide FoV in eight detection segments
  • Various beam options for optimised field of view
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations available
  • Class 1 eye safe – 905nm
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 35.9mm x 71.2mm
  • Weight: 107 – 128g

Leddat Vu8 detection sectors

Easy integration, the Vu8 comes with a software development kit, the Leddar Enabler SDK which has a user friendly API with .NET and C Libraries

Optional extras

Vu8 starter kit for USB/ Serial/CAN, includes: Micro-USB cable, 12VDC power supply and mounting bracket.

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Vu8 Specification sheet

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